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Learning Facilities

To reinforce the efficiency of general education, the center has provided the following learning resource that both students and teachers can access.
1. Teaching Facilities

Lecture Hall (T0111)

Multi-functional amphitheater enlarges the perception of students and enhances the learning atmosphere by eliminating blind spots.
The Audio-Visual Theater (N201) 

With audio-visual system, multi-media theater facilities may improve liberal arts education and reinforce teaching efficiency.
The Meditation Room (N203)

From meditation, students can subtly perceive the mental state of relaxation, tranquility and purity, and further explore their potential, purify their bodies and minds, and thus build up wise and peaceful lives.
 The Floral Art Room (N207)

This area aims inspire student's ability to appreciate plants and flowers and  blend aesthetic perceptions into their daily life, and stimulate them to beautify living spaces.

2. Webpage for Cultivating Citizens' Core Competence Project (Chinese Only)  [Link]
    Facebook for Cultivating Citizens' Core Competence Project of STUST (Chinese Only)  [Link]
Citizens' Core Competence includes 5 categories: ethics, democracy, sciences, media and aesthetics. Webpage and Facebook of this project offer detailed information including current affairs and events info. Moreover, they bring about efficiency through immediate interaction and definitely a daily must-see for people in STUST.

3. Webpage for Chinese LOHAS of STUST (Chinese Only) [Link]
Students can improve their Chinese capability by selecting the interesting contents and doing exercises of this webpage.

4. General Education E-paper of STUST (Chinese Only) [Link]
The General Education E-Paper of STUST has been issued by the center since 2008. Formerly, it was issued monthly during the semester and then changed to be issued bi-monthly since 2011. The E-Paper not only provides a platform of expression and communications for instructors of the center, but also delivers interdisciplinary learning opportunities to students. 
Therefore, the faculty and students of STUST are encouraged to contribute articles to the E-Paper.