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Curriculum Structure

 The curriculum structure of general education consists of inner, middle and outer layers. The inner layer is composed of obligatory courses which intensify the fundamental and essential abilities of students. To enhance the interdisciplinary capabilities of students, the middle layer introduces courses from three main fields, which can be further classified into nine sub-fields for classes between 2012~2015, and eight sub-fields for classes since 2016. In addition, the field of Comprehensive Practice has also been  imposed since 2017 to promote the education of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as project work and autonomous learning. Such diverse courses  provide students  with broader views and wider perspectives. Finally, subsidiary courses from the outer layer help students discover their potential and allow them to integrate and apply their interdisciplinary abilities.

The layout of the curriculum structure for the class of 2012~2015.

The layout of the curriculum structure  for the class of 2016.

The layout of the curriculum structure effective from the class of 2017.